Lili Ivanova – impressive, stylish and perfect + Photos

22 of November 2012 will certainly be remembered in the Arena history. The most modern sports and leisure venue at Sofia was a home for a Bulgariant artist. The expectations were high on both sides – fans and staff. The satisfaction was full. The concert of Lili Ivanova was spectacular. There were 14 000 true fans under the roof of the Arena and the enjoyed their idol for more than 3 hours in a very delicate atmosphere. Our team had the chance to follow the preparation for the event and was among the first to see behind the curtains when everything was ready.

We simply cannot hide our admiration for the great vision of the show, which you can actually enjoy now, if you check our photo gallery. In addition to all that we have to notice the perfect sound and the great acoustics of the Arena. And the brilliant musicians of Grand Li Orchestra took full advantage of the great facilities. Lili came on stage at 20:15 and started her show with songs like “Strelkite”, “Shepot” and “Nedei me pita”.

Her unique arangament of “Chernata Ovtsa” and “Kamino” had incredible effect on the audience. After “Pokrusa” everybody was up, and there was a crowd in front of the stage with big bouquets of flowers. The closing song was “Iskam te” and certainly made thousands of people remember that night forever.

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